Support System

Life support

If you have a problem or worries, please contact our school. For example, if you're not feeling well, our staff will go to hospital with you and translate procedures at the hospital and doctor's explanation.

Job search support

We have part time jobs for foreign students in Japan if you speak Japanese to some extent, however, it might be difficult to find a job if you've just arrived in Japan. At our school, our staff will help you search for a job until you get one by providing you with interview practice. In addition to that, we kindly take care of your problems or worries to enable you to communicate with your employer smoothly.

Academic advancement support

We support each one of you uncompromisingly to go on to trade school, college, and graduate college etc. by conducting appropriate counseling and career advice matching your Japanese level.

Career support

For those thinking to start a career after finishing at our school, we urge these students to analyze themselves through counseling as to what type of career they are interested in pursuing, and which type of career suits them. We support you to start your career in Japan by conducting practice interviews and teaching business manners etc. as well as coaching and giving advice related to each individual entrance examination.

Living Expenses

Living expenses for one month            Starting from 67,500 yen

Rent in Sapporo is low in comparison to Tokyo. Our dormitory rental fees start from 23,000 yen per month.

Rent from 23,000 yen per month
Food expenses from 20,000 yen per month
Utility fees from 8,500 yen per month
Mobile phone fees from 6,000 yen per month
Miscellaneous expenses from 10,000 yen per month

Student dormitory

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo Main Campus offers a variety of student dormitories within walking or biking distance to school in order to provide a safe living situation for foreign students. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in the dormitories.

Monthly dormitory rent

38,000 yen/month (single occupancy room) 23,000 yen/month (room share of two or more persons)
Fees prior to move-in 

Single occupancy room Room share
Moving-in fees 30,000 yen 30,000yen
Deposit 10,000yen 10,000yen
Fire insurance 5,000yen 5,000yen
Rent (for 6 months) 228,000yen 138,000yen
Total 273,000yen 183,000yen

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo Main Campus

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TEL:011-633-1616 FAX:011-633-1818

Sapporo Main Campus Weekdays 9:00~17:00