Course for people who have a visa ~Weekday class~


Classroom lesson is a course for residents of Japan. From beginner to advanced, curriculum tailored to your level which will improve the four skills of "read", "listen", "write", and "speak" in a balanced manner. This is the course where you can learn proper and useful Japanese which is planned around the type of situations which you will encounter in your daily life. We also conduct preparation for the Japanese language proficiency test. Classes are from Monday to Friday, five days per week.

Tuition fees

Admission fee
10,800 yen

1 month (20 days) 

49,000 yen

3 months (60days) 

144,000 yen

School hours

AM (Morning) Course 9:00~12:30
9:00~9:45 Class
9:45~9:55 Break
9:55~10:40 Class
10:40~10:50 Break
10:50~11:35 Class
11:35~11:45 Break
11:45~12:30 Class
PM (Afternoon) Course 13:30~17:00
13:30~14:15 Class
14:15~14:25 Break
14:25~15:10 Class
15:10~15:20 Break
15:20~16:05 Class
16:05~16:15 Break
16:15~17:00 Class

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Course for those with a visa~Tailored to your available time~

Private lesson

Private lessons are tailored to suit your individual needs and goals such as using Japanese on business, or focusing on conversation etc. Even for busy people, you can choose the time to efficiently and easily study Japanese at your convenience.
1 lesson/45 minutes 3,780 yen
(*We are accepting private lessons which require a 2 lesson set for 1 private lesson)

Tuition fee

Admission fee
10,800 yen

1 lesson 45 minutes
(2 lessons or more per private lesson) 

3,780 yen


Please feel free to contact us regarding your preferred days and lesson times etc.

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Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo Main Campus

1-5, N6W25 Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0006
TEL:011-633-1616 FAX:011-633-1818

Sapporo Main Campus Weekdays 9:00~17:00