Frequently asked questions

Regarding admission

When may I be enrolled?

The period of admission for the Academic Advancement Course is April and October, twice a year. Each period has a deadline, therefore please consult with our school and prepare your documentation for application in advance. We advise, in the case that you wish to enter the Academic Advancement Course, to prepare documentation 5 months prior to the admission period at the very latest. We are always accepting applications for short-term courses, classroom lessons, and private lessons. Please contact us with a separate inquiry in regard to this.

What do I need for admission to the school?

Please click here for details regarding necessary documentation and certification for admission to the Academic Advancement Course. Please note that the contents differ depending on your nationality and the conditions of application. The documentation which is required for persons wishing to enroll in the short-term courses, classroom lessons, and private lessons is (1) application for admission, (2) copy of passport, (3) copy of residence card (only if you have one in your possession), (4) 3 photographs for identification.

How do I apply?

In the case of entering the Academic Advancement Course, first, please create, prepare, and submit the necessary documentation by e-mail or FAX, approximately 5 months prior to the desired admission. Our school will contact you after confirmation and inspection of the documentation. After which, you will need to send the documentation via postal mail. We will then submit the documentation to the immigration bureau. Please click here for the steps explaining the process from application to admission.

May I enter your school even if I have never studied Japanese before?

For People who have applied for a visa to study abroad from the following countries: Vietnam, Nepal, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, certification of Japanese study (150 or more hours) is required. For students from other countries can apply without a history of Japanese study. ※For students who already have a visa and are wishing to apply for short-term courses, classroom lessons, and private lessons can apply without a history of Japanese study regardless of nationalities.

When shall I pay my tuition fees?

After your Certificate of Eligibility for Residence is issued, you will pay your first year's tuition fees. Please click here for the details.

Is there any entrance examination?

Generally, there is no entrance examination, however, it is possible that we hold an interview. In order to group students into classes, you will be given a placement test before starting your first class. Based on the results, you will be placed into a class which is appropriate for your Japanese level.

Regarding classes

In which language are the classes conducted?

Lessons are conducted in Japanese. Entry level classes use picture books and are structured so that even students who do not understand any Japanese will be able to understand.

Q. How many class hours are there per day?

The morning course is from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. The afternoon course is from 13:30 pm to 17:00 pm. Please click here for the details.

Are there preparatory classes for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and/or Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students?

Preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and/or Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students is contained within the classes. We prepare curriculum from basic to practical application which allows you to learn thoroughly in order to pass each test.

Regarding going on to further schooling and starting a career

I want to go to a Japanese university. Will you provide support?

We will make a plan of action together, advise, and support you to go on to trade school, college, and graduate college etc. by conducting appropriate counseling and career advice matching your Japanese level.

I want to start a career in Japan. Will you provide support?

For those thinking to start a career after finishing at our school, we work together to find what type of career they are interested in pursuing, and which type of career suits them. We give counseling for those who wish to start a career in Japan by conducting practice interviews and teaching business manners etc. as well as coaching and giving advice related to each individual entrance examination.

Regarding entry to and life in Japan

Will you provide transportation upon my arrival at the airport?

In the case that you apply for the transportation service in advance, our staff will be waiting for you at the airport. Our staff will transport you to our school, after that you will be taken to the dormitory where you will be staying. We will assist you in beginning a safe life in Japan.

About how much will the living expenses be?

You need at least 67,500 yen per month for living expenses. Please click here for the details.

What if I have some problems while living in Japan?

You may have problems or things which you do not understand while living in a foreign country, and we know that you may have many worries. If you have any problems, please contact our school. Our staff will support you so that you may live at ease.

Do you have a dormitory? How much is it?

We have student dormitories near our school. Please click here for the details.

May I get a part time job? How much is the hourly pay?

In the case that you have a visa to study abroad, after obtaining "permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted" at immigration bureau, you will be able to work no more than 28 hours per week. Hourly pay varies depending on job type and schedule, basically around 750 yen.

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