At Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo Main Campus, we have a wide variety of courses according to each purpose.

We have purpose-designed courses such as an Academic Advancement Course for going on to college or trade school, a Short-term Study Abroad Course for the objective of learning Japanese with sightseeing and something extra, also classroom and private lessons for students who live in Japan.

There are a variety of purposes for people who study Japanese. For example, "I want to learn Japanese to understand the lectures at the university!", "I need to communicate in Japanese at work!", "I want to talk to my Japanese friends in Japanese!" and such. Responding to these voices we have a wide variety of courses depending on students' objectives, level of Japanese, duration of visit, type of visa, from which you can choose the suitable plan for you.

For persons without a visa.

This course is for going on to Japanese college, graduate college, or a variety of trade schools for long-term study abroad.

We also have a short-term program which combines sightseeing and Japanese study.

For persons with a visa.

The course is for residents of Japan.

We can customize curriculum individually for each purpose such as learning everyday Japanese and aiming for passing a Japanese language proficiency test

Academic Advancement Course (long term)

This is the course for students who go on to Japanese college or trade school after graduation. You can learn Japanese completely for one and a half or two years aiming for the level where you understand classes at college.

Classroom lesson

Classroom lesson is a course for residents of Japan. You can learn Japanese in a classroom from "Beginner" to "Advanced" depending on your level.

Short-term Study Abroad Course

This is a plan for students who will stay in Japan for a period of one week to less than three months thinking "Just sightseeing in Japan is not interesting!", "I want to talk with Japanese in Japanese", "I want to brush up my Japanese skills I've learned in my country!", and so on.

Private lesson

Private lesson is the course for students who want to study Japanese privately. It's good for busy people too!

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