At Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo Main Campus (referred to as our school in the following), we follow the law and other regulations related to personal information, we take all possible measures to protect your important personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

    Our school in the following situation may need to collect information.
  • ・When contacting our school
  • ・When applying for services at our school
  • ・When downloading documents from our website

Usage of your personal information

    Our school will use personal information collected from you for the following purposes.
  • ・To make contact with you
  • ・To be able to answer your inquiries
  • ・To provide various services to you

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

    Our school will not disclose your personal information to a third party. However, that excludes the following cases.
  • ・When we have received your expressed consent
  • ・When information has been requested by the police or public office
  • ・When applicable by law

Disclosure and correction of personal information

    Our school may comply with your requests such as disclosure, correction, and/or deletion of your personal information etc. In such a case, we would verify by information which can identify you (name, address, phone number, email address, nationality and so on) that this information belongs to you. Our school holds no responsibility in the case that a third party obtains your information which could verify your identity and claims to be you.

Modification of Privacy Policy

    Except when otherwise stipulated by laws and/or ordinances, we shall modify privacy policy as needed.

Contact regarding personal information

    Please contact at the number listed below about the handling of personal information.

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo Main Campus

1-5, N6W25 Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0006
TEL:011-633-1616 FAX:011-633-1818

Sapporo Main Campus Weekdays 9:00~17:00