For students without a visa~Academic Advancement Course
(long term)~

Academic Advancement Course (long term)

Academic Advancement Course is for students who want to go on to Japanese college or graduate college after having studied Japanese from one and a half to two years.

You can learn proper Japanese building up from the basics or four skills of "read", "listen", "write", and "speak." We implement measures for the Japanese proficiency test and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, where you can learn necessary Japanese for college or graduate college. We also conduct career counseling and support for each student in order for them to be able to go on to their preferred school.

Tuition fees

Academic Advancement Course (One and a half years/Two years) At time of admission to school

Selection fee 

21,600 yen

Admission fee

 64,800 yen

Facility cost etc.

 75,600 yen

Tuition fees

570,000 yen
Total school fees for the first year 732,000 yen
One year later
Two-year course One and a half years course

Facility cost etc.  

75,600 yen 37,800 yen

Tuition fees 

570,000 yen 285,000 yen
Total 645,600 yen 322,800 yen

School hours

AM (Morning) Course 9:00~12:30
9:00~9:45 Class
9:45~9:55 Break
9:55~10:40 Class
10:40~10:50 Break
10:50~11:35 Class
11:35~11:45 Break
11:45~12:30 Class
PM (Afternoon) Course 13:30~17:00
13:30~14:15 Class
14:15~14:25 Break
14:25~15:10 Class
15:10~15:20 Break
15:20~16:05 Class
16:05~16:15 Break
16:15~17:00 Class

What is a student visa?

You need to obtain a student visa for long-term study abroad at a Japanese language school. You need to go through a document screening by the immigration department in order to obtain it. You can attend school for up to two years once you obtain the visa.

Application procedure

Required documentation

The applicant himself/herself
・Application form
・Personal History Record
・Photo 4cm×3cm
・Certificate for study of Japanese
・Family register or birth certificate
Financial sponsor
・Affidavit of Support
・Certificate of bank balance
・Certificate of employment
・Certificate of income tax payment
・Certificate of relationship (copy of family register etc.)

Steps for Admission

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Course for those without a visa~Short-term Study Abroad

Short-term Study Abroad Course

A Short-term Study Abroad Course at Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo Main Campus, you can not only learn Japanese, but also use practical Japanese, play in Japan, and feel Japan through experiencing Japanese culture such as flower arrangement and calligraphy, and many extracurricular activities. Our warm staff will support your stay in Japan with great care.
Why don't you enjoy learning Japanese in attractive Sapporo Hokkaido, where we have the grandeur of nature, one of the best food cultures in Japan, and a lot of entertainment?

Tuition fee

●Contents/Tuition fees etc.
The timing of implementation, time period, and other contents and tuition fees for the Short-term Study Abroad Course differ depending on the timing of implementation and time period. Please check the latest information. Click here for the latest information

We also offer courses upon request for companies as well as group course for schools. Please feel free to inquire.

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